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The Airline Time Machine airliner tail panel collection keeps growing, with four new Fokker F.28 Fellowship tail designs added today!

The F.28 was Fokker's effort to build upon the success of their F.27 Friendship turboprop airliner, with a sales focus on smaller airlines operating from airports with only modest facilities and runway lengths.

Compared to competitor offerings (the BAC 1-11, DC-9, and 737), the F.28 had lower passenger capacity, greater abilities for short field operations, and little in the way of a ground equipment requirement.

The jet's operating economics were enhanced by having a single cabin door with integral airstair, an APU for ground power, waist-height underfloor bins for baggage and freight loading, and an ability to reach cruising altitude quickly, and stay there longer, due to advanced aerodynamic fittings including a large wing spoiler area, and a rear fuselage that "split" to become air brakes in flight.

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