So Many 737s!

The 737 tails are ready!

Following on my BAC 1-11, Fokker F.28, and DC-9 tail panel collections, I've drawn and cut/engraved 15 new designs featuring the tall and slender 737-200.

Entering airline service in 1968, the 737-200 was as much as three years behind competing short-haul jets like the 1-11 and DC-9, but Boeing made up for lost time by selling 1,095 of the -200 model, plus more than 9,000 more of the progressively more capable variants that have followed since the 737-300 in 1984, and which continue in production today as the 737 Max family.

These 737 tail panels are crafted in the USA from solid maple, with a solid maple base for display on a desk, shelf, or tabletop. 

At 3.4 inches tall, and 4.3 inches wide in their stand, these are a special and eye-catching way to recall your favorite airlines that flew the 737!

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