Top That, Cupcake!

Airline Time Machine Airliners International Cake Decorations Ornaments

Our customers are the best inspiration!

During the 2023 Airliners International show in Dallas, we had a lively discussion with a couple of customers who were buying several of our acrylic airplane swizzle sticks.

They explained that the purchase was NOT going to be used for beverages, but rather as cake decorations for the upcoming retirement party of an airline captain - BRILLIANT!

Inspired by that discussion, we're introducing a series of cake decorations that feature our interpretation of several of the most recognized aircraft design styles in history: the DC-3, the supersonic SST, the classic 4-engine Quad Jet, the iconic T-Tail jet, the glorious 4-engine Big Prop, and the workhorse Twin Jet with wing-mounted engines.

These are designed and crafted in the USA by Airline Time Machine, and are being rolled out in seven colors - red, white, blue, yellow, orange, black, and green.

Have a look in our online shop by entering "cake" in our website search bar, and let us know what you think!

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