The First Short-haul Jetliner

New in the Airline Time Machine collection - British Aircraft Corp. BAC 1-11 tails for a diverse collection of airlines: Mohawk Airlines, Nordair, Florida Express, Cascade Airways, Pacific Express, Aloha Airlines, Britt Airways, and Air Illinois!

The 1-11 entered airline service in 1965, as the first jetliner optimized for short-haul flying, replacing smaller, slower turboprop and piston airliners flying to small and medium-sized cities. For most of those markets, the 727-100 was too big, the Aerospatiale Caravelle wasn't well-suited to short flights, and the competing Douglas DC-9 and Boeing 737 were still in the future.

Check 'em out, enjoy the stories of these long-departed airlines, and watch for more tails that are on the way (I'm looking at you, DC-9, 727, and 737!).

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