A Tale of Tails for the New Year!

A new year means new products, and our first launch for 2022 is a collection of classic airliner "tail panels" cut and engraved from solid maple.

Designed for display on a desk or book shelf, these are an artistic interpretation of the aircraft's vertical tail, featuring the markings of vintage airlines.

Depending on the aircraft, these are between 2.75 to 3.5 inches tall, with widths between 4.5 to nearly 7 inches. Each tail panel comes with a coordinating base stand, with the vertical tail fitting into the base using a tab-and-slot design.

The collection is available now with two models: the British Aircraft Corporation's BAC 1-11 and the McDonnell Douglas DC-9. These were the first T-tail twinjet airliners, both entering service in 1965. Despite being first to market, though, the 1-11 was soon outsold by the DC-9, with both planes having a similar exterior appearance (at first glance).

The 1-11 tail panel includes an initial nine North American airline option, while the DC-9 is offered in fourteen airline designs.

More airlines are in the works for both types, and these will be followed soon by the Boeing 727-100/-200 and 737-100/200. Many more types are in my brain, and will keep me busy for quite a while.

Have a look, let me know what you think, and please give a shout out with other airliner and airline combinations you'd like to have!

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