Classic Airline Brands Still Have Fans!

Airline Time Machine Collectibles Handmade Mohawk Airlines Vintage Airline

A recent order for Mohawk Airlines vintage-style swizzle sticks reminded me of the lasting power that a departed airline can have for those who worked there, flew the airline, or just admired it or were otherwise influenced by it.

In the case of Mohawk, the airline left the skies 49 years ago when it was acquired by Allegheny Airlines, but orders keep coming for nostalgia items that recall the Mohawk story and influence on the airline's service area and the broader aviation industry.

Mohawk was the first United States local service airline to end DC-3 use in the early 1960s, was the first U.S. airline to hire a black flight attendant, and was the first U.S. local service carrier to place turbojet-powered airliners (in this case, the BAC 1-11) into scheduled service.

Onward and upward you old airlines - we love ya'!

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