Tag a Favorite Plane!

New in the Airline Time Machine store: Laser engraved solid maple tags featuring classic and vintage aircraft!

These are a unique and fun way to recall a favorite aircraft type that you maintained, flew, traveled on, or have just always admired.

 The tags have a body thickness of 1/8 inch (0.3 cm), providing good rigidity and wear strength. The laser cutting and engraving produces a rich caramel-colored edge and image, that contrasts well against the natural wood grain.

A low-gloss polyurethane finish enhances the tag's durability, and each tag will have its own characteristic graining, reflecting the position on the board that it was cut from.

As a holiday gift, to mark a retirement, or for your own use, flash your favorite aircraft on your luggage, flying bag, backpack or gear bag. Fourteen aircraft types are available now, with more on the way!

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