Airline Time Machine Now Planet-Wide!

The deed is done. Airline Time Machine is now set up to ship buyer orders worldwide, via United States Postal Service First Class international package shipping!

We're using a volume shipping service that provides a discount on the usual shipping rates for our customers, but moving a package - even a small one - across international borders, continents, or oceans remains an expensive proposition.

International shipments will also require additional time in transit (several days, to as long as three or four weeks). If you require faster shipping, send us a note, and we'll assist to sort out the choices available to you for an expedited shipping service.

To help ease that logistics and cost pain a bit, our customers who will be receiving their Airline Time Machine items via international shipping can expect that there will be a little extra gift included with their order, our way of sending an extra "thank you" for shopping with us!

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