Image of wooden airline tag
Image of wooden airline tag
Maple tag
Cherry tag
Image of steel attach ring and nylon hole protector
Airline Time Machine

PBA Provincetown Boston Airlines Solid Hardwood Narrow Tag

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Laser engraved solid hardwood tag in either maple or cherry, featuring an artistic interpretation of the Provincetown Boston Airlines (PBA) logo. 

The laser cutting and engraving gives the tag a rich caramel-colored edge and image, that contrasts against the natural wood color. A low-gloss polyurethane finish enhances the tag's durability, and each tag will have its own characteristic wood graining, determined by the position on the board it was cut from.

The tag measures approximately 3.7 inches (9.4 cm) long by 1.2 inches (3 cm) wide, with a nylon hole protector and a black steel attachment ring; the ring measures 1 inch across (slightly larger than a U.S. quarter dollar coin). 

The tag has a body thickness of 1/8 inch (0.3 cm), providing good rigidity and wear strength, and is designed and crafted in the United States. 

Airline Time Machine hardwood tags stand out with unique colors and design, and are an elegant, out of the ordinary way to recall a favorite airliner that has a special place in your life story!

Airline Tag Q&A:

Where can the tags be used? Use them on your luggage, your headset or other flying gear bag, a backpack, a computer case, as a key chain, to hold small work tools, or even as a pet tag!

How well does the wood stand up to regular use? The tags are made from solid maple or cherry hardwood (with no cardboard or composite board core), so they're able to stand up to years of daily use - we know, because we use them every day! Since the design and text are laser engraved into the wood, rather then printed, on the surface, there's nothing that can be rubbed off over time.

Why maple and cherry woods? Maple and cherry both give excellent strength with smooth grain, and are a good base for highlighting the fine lines of drawing and text in the design. They're also widely available versus an exotic or endangered wood species, and are a renewable material popular in furniture making and artisan crafting.