Mohawk Airlines Vintage-style Swizzle Stick Set
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Mohawk Airlines Vintage-style Swizzle Stick Set

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Beginning in 1945, Mohawk’s predecessor, Robinson Airways, used a small single-engine Fairchild to fly business travelers from Ithaca, New York to New York City (via Teterboro, New Jersey). Growth in the late ‘40s came with DC-3s and a new name, “Mohawk” honoring one of the major Iroquois Nation tribes of the Central New York State region.

By the early 1960s, Mohawk had a large fleet of Convair 240/440 and Martin 404 airliners in service, then in 1962 became the first U.S. local service airline to order turbojet airliners, with a commitment to buy the BAC 1-11 from England. From 1966, the 1-11s were joined by Fairchild FH-227s, on a route network that stretched from Minneapolis and Chicago, to Washington, to Boston and Montreal. In 1972, Mohawk was merged into its larger neighbor to the south, Allegheny Airlines. 

An artistic interpretation of the airline's branding is laser-engraved onto an acrylic swizzle stick, and each swizzle stick measures approximately 6 inches in length, with a material thickness of 1/8 inch. The acrylic material used to manufacture these swizzles is suitable for use in beverages, but the sticks should be hand washed only, using regular dish soap, then hand dried.

This set of four swizzle sticks has been produced in four colors: Stratosphere Blue, Idlewild Green, Acapulco Gold, and Crystal Starry Sky. The choice of a mix of colors, or all four sticks in one color, is up to you! For good readability, the design is engraved as a reversed mirror image on one side of the swizzle stick material, so that it can be viewed with proper alignment on the opposite side.

While these have been created today as our interpretations of original vintage swizzle sticks, their mid-century look and feel make them a great addition to your airline or retro collectibles, or they can go to work as ideal enhancements to the beverages you're serving!